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Boost practical skills and personal development

Hands-on expert tuition on the topics that matter to you.

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Workshops happen in-person at different event spaces around the UK, or online as live webinar sessions

Why should I attend a workshop?

In-depth workshops help members learn about specific industries, sectors or personal skills – practical, actionable lessons you can use right away.

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Get expert tuition

Workshops are lead by mentors who are active in the profession and expert in their field. Get actionable, useful lessons that you’ll be able to use straight away.

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Develop your network

Connect, have fun and collaborate – workshops are a great opportunity to connect with young people of a similar mindset. The more you attend, the more your network will grow.

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Improve your CV

At this early stage of your professional life, it can be hard to differentiate your CV. These workshops give you powerful extra credits to add and discuss with employers.

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Build confidence

Do you ever shy away from opportunities if you don’t know enough about them? Attending a workshop will help you build confidence and gain knowledge in industries that interest you.

Fledglink Workshops

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We’re setting up new workshops all the time and we’d love to know what you’re most interested in learning. Click on the link to tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll factor it into our plans.

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