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Make time for personal development with Real Skills

Get prepared for your next steps with these free courses, workshops & activities; accessible on-demand. They’re packed with practical support & guidance to help you get ahead & stand out from the crowd. Your journey starts here.

Personal development

Steps Ahead Mentoring

Start your journey. Shape your future. One-to-one mentoring for 18-24 year olds from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Personal development

Learn about ... Practical maths

Free courses to help with understanding fractions, decimals and other maths skills for work and everyday life.

Personal development

Learn about ... Computer essentials

Free courses to help you use a computer, the internet and office programs like spreadsheets and word processors.

Health and wellbeing

Learn about... Personal growth and wellbeing

Free courses to help you with decision-making, your mindset, dealing with stress and building resilience

Personal development

Learn about... Professional development

Free courses to help with interpersonal skills, your professional online presence, leadership and collaboration.

My money

Learn about... Business and finance

Free courses including project and business management, bookkeeping and sales.

Creative careers

Learn about.. Digital design and marketing

Free courses including user experience design (UX), graphic design, app design and social mediaFree courses including user experience design (UX), graphic design, app design and social media

Personal development

Learn about... Computer science

Free courses including cybersecurity, computer networks, AI (artificial intelligence) and cloud computing.

Personal development

Learn about... Coding

Free courses including HTML, CSS, Python, C & C++

Personal development

Future-proof you

Seize control of your future with these real skills for life

Personal development

Skills Builder Framework

Discover the core framework for the skills employers want most

Personal development

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job

Follow the journey from application to offer and learn insider secrets to securing your dream job

Personal development

Practice Aptitude Tests

Be prepared for anything an online assessment throws at you with these practice tests

Being your own boss


Become your own boss and learn about Venture Capital with the help of Teen VC & Augmentum Fintech

Exploring apprenticeships

The Mentoring Scheme

Get personal advice from students like you

Personal development

Building your Brand

Stand out from the crowd with this 2-part series

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