Fledglink Networking

Build your peer network naturally, on and offline

Connect with the people now that will transform your life in the future

How does Fledglink help you network?

With Fledglink, connecting and supporting one another are such important parts of what we do. From collaborating on our workshops through to sharing feedback on each other's skills on the app – you’re stronger individually when you’re working well together.

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Connect at workshops

Signing up for some of our workshops will bring you together with like-minded young people and provide a natural opportunity to connect and collaborate.

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Feedback on attributes

When you connect on the Fledglink app, you’re asked to rate your connections key attributes (and they’ll do the same for you). This strengthens both your digital CV’s on the app.

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Friends, friends, friends

The more friends you invite, the more your network grows - their network is your network. Helping others connect puts you at the heart of the network.

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Become an ambassador

If you really want to turbocharge your networking abilities, putting yourself at the centre of activities is a great way to do it. Find out about becoming a mentor or ambassador with Fledglink.

There’s a reason the old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” persists. What you know is absolutely vital, but the people around you will make or break your success.

Build your network in the app

Whether you’re leaving school, studying at Uni or in the middle of an apprenticeship – now is the time to start thoughtfully building your professional network.