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Every company on the app has an in-depth profile which tells you about their culture, their values and how they approach important issues like diversity and inclusivity. Get to know them before approaching them.

Why use Fledglink to find work?

Fledglink is about helping you make the right decisions about your future at the right time, so we don’t just focus on ‘jobs’ or ‘graduates’ – we have a full range of opportunities and ideas available. The app itself will even guide you, matching you with the roles which suit you best.

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Smart matching

The more you fill out your digital CV, the more the app starts doing for you. Smart match will do most of the hard work of searching – so let the jobs come to you!

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Exclusive opportunities

We work closely with many of the companies on our app to bring jobs, apprenticeships and other opportunities onto the app which don’t exist anywhere else.

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Get to know employers

Build confidence and assurance before speaking to employers by exploring their Fledglink profiles. Learn all about their company and if it feels right.

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Honest careers advice

Fledglink is independent and not tied to any companies or pathways. What matters to us is you choosing the right path – so you can trust the advice you get in the app.

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