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Hiring as an employer

We combine the power of our products, services, networks, and social presence to ensure your employer brand and jobs reach and resonate with Gen-Z.

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Sourcing as a training provider

Attract, engage and hire diverse school leaver talent into yours and your client’s apprenticeship programmes with us. Get in touch to discuss packages to suit your needs.

Offering youth impact initiatives

Virtual employability training, work experience for NEETs, female-focused tech skills development and more. We ensure your programmes are engaging and attractive to the right audience.

What makes us different?

We connect young people with opportunities via the Fledglink app through our bespoke attraction, engagement and hiring solutions. We take ultimate pride in our flexible and consultative approach when creating the best propositions to effectively reach young people.


We know young people are increasingly using their mobiles to engage with careers, show your value proposition in a way that is engaging, unique and will create an emotional connection to your brand.


Using strengths and qualities data, we match you with talent from our growing community to provide a more targeted approach to engagement.


Receive applications from a diverse and more prepared candidate base who are already connected with high quality advice.

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"From an organisational perspective, Fledglink provides a quick & effective way of promoting opportunities and accessing fantastic talent"

Helen Fuge - Head of Talent at NATS

"Fledglink were very helpful in ensuring that we utilised each piece of inventory to it's potential"

Suzanne Farley - Thirty Three

"I go to Fledglink before LinkedIn"

Jack Kenny - Student

"I'm going to share this with all my students and career hub. I can really see Fledglink growing and growing"

Mel - Career Leader

"Can I just say, I think Fledglink & what you're doing is amazing"

Disha - Student

"The Fledglink team were engaged, insightful and proactive from the beginning, providing us with access to their school leaver networks through a variety of routes. It was great to see such a personal and bespoke approach taken to meet our needs"

Siobhan - Early Careers Lead EMEA at bp

Let us take care of your attraction, engagement & hiring needs.

From one innovative platform, we provide bespoke packages with an extensive range of solutions to help you reach 15-21-year-olds in the UK.


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