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If you’re awaiting your A level results day this year, we want you to know that you’re not on your own. We know it can be a stressful time - that lead up to the big day and it’s not uncommon to feel helpless. But there are actually plenty of things you can do to prepare yourself - whatever the outcome might be. Here, we’ve put together a map of all the resources available to you at Fledglink to help you get ready for your A level results day. 

Preparing for the day

In preparation for A level results day, we’re working hard at Fledglink to produce helpful content for you that can guide you through the day… no matter what happens. 2020 results day, in particular, will be different to any other because of the exam cancellations due to COVID-19. This has created a great deal of uncertainty around what results students will be getting this year. In response, we want to ensure that you are as prepared as possible. On the 13th August 2020, The Fledglink app, website and social media channels will be filled with opportunities for you, whether that’s jobs, internships, work placements, apprenticeships or anything else. 

  • For more information about A level exam cancellations, go HERE
  • For help if the day doesn’t go as planned, go HERE

Caring for your mental health

  • Read our article on managing stress and anxiety HERE
  • Find our video series of mental health workshops HERE
  • 10 tips to sleep better, if pre-results day nerves are keeping you up! HERE

Knowing yourself

  • Don’t know what job you want in the future? Go HERE
  • Start building your brand to attract potential employers with this video series HERE
  • Understand the key skills you need to future-proof your career HERE

Yes, this is a heavy plug BUT… one of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for A level results day is to make sure you have downloaded the Fledglink app and completed your digital CV. Without a completed profile, you might be missing out on opportunities that match up to your skills and interests. Take the time to complete the Personality Quiz too, to help you understand how your traits could fit in with different jobs. 

Exploring your options

A level results day signifies a big change in your life. You’ll be leaving compulsory education for the first time. Now the world’s your oyster. With so many options available, it’s important to explore them all until you find something that works for you.

If you’re considering full-time work or an apprenticeship

  • The Fledglink guide to all things apprenticeships HERE
  • ‘The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job’ video series HERE
  • 10 helpful tips to finding a job HERE
  • 10 interview tips for school leavers HERE
  • How to get a job without experience HERE
  • Considering something off the beaten path? Guide to alternative career paths HERE

Once you’ve decided what you want, it’s time to start trying to securing one. Make sure you upload your A level results and select the type of jobs you’re interested in on your Digital CV in the Fledglink app so you get matched to the best opportunities for you. Once you’ve found some you like the look of, it’s time to apply.

If you’re taking a year out

  • Decide whether a gap year is the right option for you HERE
  • Tips on making the most of your free time HERE
  • Looking at un-paid work experience? Decide if it’s right for you HERE
  • Teach yourself skills you were never taught in school HERE
  • Using the opportunity to explore being your own boss? Learn about Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship HERE

Whether you’re deferring university for this year or giving yourself some much-needed time to re-evaluate your options and decide on your next steps, a year out is the perfect opportunity to build up some experience and learn new skills you haven’t had the chance to at school/college. A good place to start is the Grow section in the Fledglink app, where you’ll find a number of skills-building resources that will help you prepare for the following year, whatever you have planned. 

If you’re going to university

  • University or a degree apprenticeship? Evaluate your options with each HERE
  • Fresher Flu won’t get you down with these immune-boosting recipes HERE
  • Not sure what to pack? Check out our guide HERE

During your studies, you’ll likely be thinking about your plans for the future, once you’ve graduated. Use the Fledglink Job Board to keep an eye on what’s out there and secure work experience and internships opportunities. Don’t forget to make connections with all the new people you’re to meet too and start building your network.

Most importantly…

Get excited! This is a massive change in your life which can be scary, but with it comes independence, freedom and the chance to carve your own path of destiny! No matter what happens, there are always options available to you. Good luck!

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