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By Fraser Graham Apr 15, 2020

Are you considering... ???

We know that making choices about which pathway to follow through education and beyond can be difficult, so to help out, we have got a bunch of students and Mentors who have recently been in your shoes to get together to discuss their experiences, what they enjoyed (and didn't like so much), and answer your questions on the subject or pathway that you are considering.

🔈 Listen to our previous 'Are you considering...' sessions focused on A level subjects HERE:

In case you missed our previous sessions, we have recorded them all so that you can listen back at your leisure!


Are you considering ... Gap years & travelling? 


Are you considering ... Work experience and Internships? 

Planning a productive day and managing online school

How to focus and stay productive during lockdown

Time management & goal setting


About The Mentoring Scheme

Disha set up The Mentoring Scheme because, having recently had to navigate life as a GCSE student herself, she wanted to use her experience to help others who are going through the same situation she did.

Right now, GCSE students need more support than ever, as the school closures for the lockdown period are leaving many to make important decisions and work through their GCSEs alone. The limited school support available during this time means it can be very difficult to self-teach content. Not only that, but students are now also having to navigate through their next steps, especially in terms of deciding which options to take and how to prepare for whichever path they end up on, be it sixth form, apprenticeships, colleges or something else, with less support available. 

Peer mentors are perfect for providing this support. Having recently navigated the same process themselves, peer mentors can provide GCSE academic support, general study/revision support, advice on your next steps and help you to prepare for them - and they know exactly what you're going through!

If this sounds like something you need, read on or ask a question to the peer mentor community here

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Twitter - @TheMentoringSch

What does the Mentoring Scheme offer?

The Mentoring Scheme provides free peer mentoring to students, in two ways:

Why become a mentee?

  • It’s completely free!
  • Getting advice and/or academic support from a mentor, who has recently been in the same position as you may be able to support you in a way that teachers may not be able to
  • Receive more targeted support, tailored to your needs and abilities
  • You can arrange for sessions and support as and when you require them, and on the areas that you feel would benefit you.

Sound like something that you could make use of? Sign up by completing this form!

Sign up here or visit the Mentoring Scheme's website for more information

In order to become a mentee, you will need to be in year 10 or year 11. 

Why become a mentor?

  • Opportunity to give back to the community, and support a younger student through this difficult time
  • Improving your coaching and development skills
  • Increased confidence in your capabilities
  • The satisfaction of helping someone else accomplish something
  • Reinforcing and refreshing your own knowledge
  • and, of course, a great addition to your cv

If you are in year 12 or year 13, an apprentice, or in college (or equivalent), and you would like to become a mentor, please email [email protected] .

If you have any other questions relating to The Mentoring Scheme, feel free to email Disha Hegde at [email protected] .

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