Being your own boss


Become your own boss and learn about Venture Capital with the help of Teen VC & Augmentum Fintech

By Fraser Graham Apr 16, 2020

Welcome to TeenVC

TeenVC is an education platform where teenagers can learn about Venture Capital (VC) and entrepreneurship, powered by London-based VC Augmentum Fintech

What to expect?

Start exploring the world of venture capital!


#1 TeenVC: An Overview 

It’s great to have you on board! Learn about the TeenVC programme here.

#2 What is Venture Capital (VC)? 

Venture Capital is key to the growth of many companies around the world. Here, we start with the foundations, from describing what a VC fund is and what they do to explain terms such as ‘portfolio’.

#3 What does the fundraising process involve? 

What steps do investors take, from first learning about a company to giving them money?

#4 What do VCs look for in businesses? Product

Learn about the ways in which investors analyse the product or service a company sells.

#5 What do VCs look for in businesses? Market Opportunity

How much potential demand is there for people wanting to use the company’s product or service?

#6 What do VCs look for in businesses? Team

What makes a great team? How can VCs analyse how effective the people behind the business will be in making it a success?

#7 What do VCs look for in Businesses? Traction 

It’s important for VCs to understand how much progress a company has made and how popular it is with customers before investing. But what does this involve exactly?

#8 How do VCs help businesses they invest in? 

Once a VC has invested in a company, what happens next? How do investors support their portfolio, aside from giving them money?

#9 Careers in VC (1/2)

What are the different jobs in VC, and which skills do you need?

#10 Careers in VC (2/2)

What are the different jobs in VC, and which skills do you need?

The TeenVC Challenge

Put into practice what you have learnt and in the TeenVC challenge!

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