Fledglink has partnered with Skills Builder to bring you their universal skills framework to help you to develop your essential skills.  No matter what your starting point is - The Skills Builder framework will help you to understand and demonstrate these vital skills on your path to success.

The Skills Builder Framework breaks down each of the eight essential skills into sixteen tangible, and measurable steps you need to know and develop. It’s the culmination of four years of learning and builds on the expertise of over 60 leading organisations and individuals. It's also been independently reviewed twice and used by over 10,000 teachers with over 200,000 young people to date.

So ... What are you waiting for? Pick the skill that you want to work on and build it using Skills Builder's brilliant resources. Once you know which step you are on - Use the Learning hub to access videos for each skill and each step!

  • Listening - The receiving, retaining and processing of information or ideas
  • Speaking - The oral transmission of information or ideas
  • Problem Solving - The ability to find a solution to a situation or challenge
  • Creativity - The use of imagination and the generation of new ideas
  • Staying Positive - The ability to use tactics and strategies to overcome setbacks and achieve goals
  • Aiming High - The ability to set clear, tangible goals and devise a robust route to achieving them
  • Leadership - Supporting, encouraging and developing others to achieve a shared goal
  • Teamwork - Working cooperatively with others towards achieving a shared goal

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