When applying for a job after you’ve finished school or university, companies will often ask you to complete some ‘cognitive’ or ‘ability’ tests as part of the process.

They measure how effective you are at things like numeracy and understanding unfamiliar information. We’ve partnered with AssessmentDay so you can practice some of these tests. They’ll help you discover more about yourself and reduce your anxiety when doing them for real.

We’ve organised them into four sections, feel free to try as many as you like – they’re great practice.

Number and Puzzle

These types of tests are common and most often used for jobs that require you to be good with numbers or analysis. They test your understanding and problem-solving.

Give them a go

Written & Verbal 

You'll come across tests like these in many interview situations - these practice tests will challenge your critical thinking and whether you can come to the right conclusions.

See how you do

Symbol & Shapes

Logical thinking and inductive reasoning tests will often be given to you if you're applying for jobs where you have to understand unfamiliar information quickly (like symbols) and use it effectively. They are often used alongside a verbal or numerical test.

Try them out

Roleplay & Games 

These types of tests are common and becoming more popular with companies. Your answers suggest how will you'd 'match' to a company and the demands of the job.

These can often be quite fun! 

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