Starting your own business is a brave venture with so many exciting possibilities attached, making it a smart option to consider pursuing. The opportunity to become your own boss, find great success and do something that you are passionate about definitely sounds appealing! 

But where do you start? 

It’s no secret that it can be difficult to create and to grow a business, with issues such as financial hardship and prominent competitors acting as barriers to your success.  However, in this day and age, you have a significant advantage when it comes to putting yourself and your skills out there: social media. Using social media for business interests is one of the most simple yet effective ways in which you can reach your entrepreneurial goals and see significant growth over time. 


A great way in which you can use social media for business promotion is networking, connecting with a variety of people with just a few clicks. The Fledglink app is a key example of this. On the app, you can create a digital CV and establish professional contacts, allowing you to promote your skills and hopefully attract people to your business. We’ve all heard the sentiment that it boils down to who you know and not what you know, and thanks to social networking, its easier to establish connections than ever before.

As well as using sites which specifically promote professional networking and career growth, you can also use standard social media platforms to establish important contacts. For example, if there is a particular person or company you would like to reach out too, often their social media pages will have a contact email address listed. Alternatively, you could send them a message – whilst those with larger followings may not see or acknowledge unsolicited messages, there is always a chance that they will respond to you and be of help in some way.


One highly effective way to use social media for business growth is to promote your business via advertisements. Although you will have to pay for this, with prices typically varying depending on how effective the promotion, advertising is a foolproof way in which you can put your business out there online. 

Most social media sites will give you the chance to advertise, primarily through having your posts appear as ‘sponsored’ content on other people’s feeds. How often have you had those pop-ups between viewing Instagram stories or those irritating ads on YouTube that don’t allow you to skip? There is no doubt that ads get the attention of the consumer, so it might be an option worth considering if it is within your means. 

Another way in which you could advertise on social media is to reach out to influencers, specifically those with whom you share a similar target demographic. For example, if you are running a business which aims to provide young people with educational content, it would be in your interest to reach out to a ‘Studytuber’ – an influencer who creates content surrounding academia and studying – to see if they would be interested in testing out your services and then possibly promoting them. Bear in mind that the ASA has strict guidelines when it comes to social media influencers and advertising, so it would be sensible to familiarise yourself with these before taking any action; don’t get in trouble before you’ve even started! 

Cultivate a brand image

When using social media for business purposes, you have the chance to cultivate an image for your brand online. This will make it clear to anybody who comes across your page exactly who you are and what you have to offer. 

This could be as simple as having a consistent tone of voice in your captions or a certain aesthetic style to each of your posts, as all of this will come together to make an impression in the consumer’s mind of what sort of business you are running. By clarifying this, you will attract customers who resonate with your style and who will be interested in what you have to offer. And if you stay consistent, you can hopefully create a brand which is memorable and easy to recognise, therefore helping you on your way to success.  

Additionally, having a consistent and appealing image for your business will help you to build a sense of trust with customers, and hopefully encourage them to return to you time and time again. 

Engage with your following

We all know that social media has great advantages for communication, and it is important to use this to your advantage when using social media for business. Thanks to the convenience of social media platforms, you can engage with potential customers in order to increase sales. 

For example, many businesses run competitions on their social media sites – by using a certain hashtag or reposting a specific picture, followers can be entered to win some kind of prize, such as a free product or credit to spend on your website. Although you will be giving something away for free by doing this, consider it an investment, as it will get the word out about your business and drum up some positive attention. You could also offer occasional discounts to people who follow you or sign up for a particular service online such as a newsletter, as this will encourage people to engage with your business. As people are drawn towards your brand, you will hopefully see increased sales and therefore your business should be able to grow substantially. 

Many brands on social media also engage directly with their followers, such as clothing companies who repost or like images which their customers post of themselves wearing the brand’s items. This helps to consolidate a positive reputation for the business, and therefore people will be much more willing to part with their hard-earned cash. You should also answer any customer service questions you are asked quickly and politely in order to maintain trust with your customers and uphold a favourable reputation. 

Whatever you do, be sure to stay active online and establish a notable social media presence. This will help you gain new custom and remain relevant amidst the vast number of social media accounts out there. 


With the growth of social media in society today, it is becoming increasingly important to establish a strong social media presence in order for a new business to succeed. Curating an appealing social media presence is a great way to make your business enticing and exciting to consumers, allowing you to significantly boost your business. Take these simple steps and with any luck, business will be booming in no time!

Still concerned about the next steps in your career? Download the Fledglink app to help you navigate the working world, grow your own professional network and seek advice for all your entrepreneurial woes. 

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