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Healthy You

Build your mental resilience so you can stay on top of your game

By Fraser Graham May 13, 2020

Healthy You sessions brings mental and physical wellness to life, feel inspired, and discover more about yourself today

IKIGAI - The Japanse method to lead a fulfilling life

In Japan, millions of people have Ikigai - a reason to jump out of bed each morning. This island of Okinawa, where Ikigai originates, is said to have the largest population of centenarians in the world! Could the concept contribute to longevity? In this workshop, Chloë explores what Ikigai is in more detail, and how to find yours.

Mental Health Checklist

We take a look at the essential ingredients that go into the recipe for good mental health - These are different for everyone! Join our career coach, Chloe who takes you through simple, practical tips and ideas to help you build and strengthen your mental health, become more aware of your thought patterns, and develop useful techniques that can help your mental wellbeing.

Dealing with stress and Anxiety

Let's be honest. There is no way that living through a global pandemic is not at least a bit stressful. This new world of uncertainty coupled with the usual stresses of daily life can be tough to deal with on your own. Our coach Chloe provides guidance and support by providing you with practical tips to coping with stress. Join her workshop and learn the secrets of keeping calm and staying in control.


Sometimes, it's tough to bounce back from difficult situations or experiences. Everyone will have some in their life, so, what are the steps to make sure you spring back to your normal self and focus on how to move forward? Chloë takes you through her tips and tricks on Resilience.

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