Get paid to write! (Free workshop, August 12th, London)

By Luke Kelly Jul 9, 2019

From earning side money while you study to building a lucrative career – everything you need to know about commercial writing.


Many people can write well. But how do you get paid for your writing? And how can you develop a career in commercial writing? This workshop will get you started.

In this free half day workshop, professional copywriter Stephen Bailey will take you through everything that’s needed to start earning money from your writing and talk you through what a successful career in commercial writing might look like. You will learn about the commercial writing industry and the potential career progression. That includes the highs and lows, along with how to find your first paid writing work.  Stephen will guide you through industry best practices, from SEO to client communication. He will give you the tools to get started, including the mindset required to go from good writer to paid writer. This workshop will not tell you how to write. It can help turn your writing skills into paid work and a well-paid copywriting career. At the end of the workshop, there will be the opportunity to apply for your first paid writing gig. Fledglink are taking on a team of young writers. Everyone who comes on the day will have an opportunity to submit an article for consideration. If successful, you’ll be given more training and be paid for every article you have published. --

When and where

This half day workshop will take place in central London on Monday August 12th, starting at 9am and finishing with a free communal lunch. 

About the tutor

Ten years ago Stephen Bailey was young and didn’t know what to do with his life. He liked writing and wanted to travel. After some trial and error, he is now a highly successful copywriter, editor, and content consultant for large internet brands. 

How to apply

Places for this event are extremely limited. To earn your place, we want to hear your motivation for attending. Use the form below to tell us a bit about who you are and why you are interested in earning money from your writing and learning about copywriting as a career.  We will respond to every applicant directly.

Deadline for submission

This workshop has now been completed, full report coming up soon. We'll be running many similar events in future.  For more information please email [email protected]  
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