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By Fraser Graham May 6, 2020

We share podcasts we are listening to here at Fledglink so that your ears can enjoy them too ?

NPR How I built this with Guy Raz - Fitbit: James Park

In 2006, James Park had what he describes as a "lightning bolt" moment when he first used a Nintendo Wii. Fascinated by its motion-tracking controller, James wondered if you could take the technology out of the living room and into the streets.

Three years later, he and co-founder Eric Friedman launched the Fitbit Tracker, which allowed users to track their steps and compare progress with others. Sales took off, and Fitbit dominated the wearables market until the Apple Watch came along, forcing James and Eric to re-imagine the brand.

Today, against a cloudy economic backdrop, James hopes Fitbit can grow into its role as a health and wellness service.

Listen here

The human skills we need in an unpredictable world with Margaret Heffernan

For a special episode, Sarah talks to Dr. Margaret Heffernan - author of 'Uncharted: How to Map the Future Together'. They talk about the difference between a complicated and complex world, why we need to build relationships based on generosity and the importance of friends at work (particularly in a crisis).

Listen here

The Lifehack Show: Following Your Calling with Joseph Wilner

In this episode, Joseph Wilner, licensed clinical psychotherapist and certified life-coach, talks about finding and fulfilling your calling in life. Joseph blends his passion of music, and following his dreams of being a drummer, with his expertise in psychology to help people live a more intentional and meaningful life.

Joseph believes everyone has a calling, or several callings, where their passions and strengths can merge to create a successful life of contribution and significance.

Listen here

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