Finishing the UK school holidays 2019: 9 back to school tips

By Sarah Chisnall Aug 30, 2019
In the UK, the 2019 summer school holidays are already almost over! For many, this will mean embarking on a new stage of their academic lives, whether its starting or returning to A-levels, GCSEs or college. As a result, the days leading up to starting school again seem to fly by and the list of things you need to get sorted before school begins can seem overwhelmingly long. It can be tricky to know where to begin or how to prepare and at the same time, you'll want to make the most of your final days of freedom! We've compiled a list of 10 great tips to help you ease back in after the summer.

1) Set yourself some ground rules

It can be easy to fall back into the same patterns you had before the holidays started. But the last few days before returning to school can be a great opportunity to think back over the previous year. Ask yourself what went well for you and why, and what you should be improving on. Kicking off the year with some new ground rules in mind will help you to stay focused. Some examples could be:
  • Less procrastination
  • Waking up earlier
  • Doing a bit of homework every night
  • Checking the Fledglink app every day to work on building your future career... ;)

2) Make plans

Post-summer blues is a real thing and it can really suck. The best way to fight them off is to make sure you're still having fun! Make plans with your friends to hang out after the first day back - it will give you the chance to catch up with each other properly and will mean you'll look forward to the first day back a bit more.

3) Get new stationery

Ah, stationery, one of life's great joys. Kitting yourself out with some new funky pens and notebooks can do wonders for your motivation. Something about those clean, fresh white pages and brand new highlighters can really make you feel genuinely excited about revision... unless that's just me... In all seriousness, if something as simple as having new stationery can help you get excited and motivated to start learning again, it is well worth the investment. Having the right equipment ready is also an essential part of preparation for school. There are a number of shops that do good quality, fun stationery:
  • Paperchase do lots of unique and decorative stationery
  • Flying Tiger also offers stationery with unique and beautiful designs, great for those on a budget
  • Amazon will also always be a top choice when it comes to sourcing stationery at affordable prices

4) Get a good diary

Speaking of stationery, a diary is one item that is particularly useful for going back to school. It will help you stay organised throughout the year and keep track of important dates and deadlines. Invest a bit of time in filling out your new diary for the months ahead too. It will help put into perspective what you need to prepare for. Also include things like planned trips and things to look forward to in your diary, to help keep you motivated. Most schools will give you your own a 2019 - 2020 planner that already includes important dates such as UK school and bank holidays. However, these planners' pages will follow a particular structure that may not work best for you. When shopping for diaries the most important thing to look out for is the page structures. People have different styles and needs when it comes to planning and there is a great variety of diaries that cater to these needs. Picking out your own also means that you can get one that suits your own needs best. While school planners have the one default structure, choosing your own diary means you can pick one with page designs that work best for you! There are also planners that you can fully customise yourself! Filofax, for example, offers a variety of refillable diaries. You can pick and choose what pages you want to include in them and even print out your own!

5) Start studying now!

Okay okay, so this is probably the last thing you want to do with your last remaining shreds of summer. But hear me out, a bit of work now, while you have the free time will mean a bit less work when school really gets going again. You don't have to spend hours upon hours swatting up in advance. Just reading ahead a little, wrapping your head around some of the topics you'll be covering will be so useful. Not only will it make your life easier in the first week back, but starting off ahead of the game will help you stay ahead for the rest of the year too! Just make sure you keep up the good work.

6) Declutter your room

A clear space equals a clear mind... A popular mum quote and, annoyingly, a very true one. During the holidays you've probably spent a lot of time in your room and unless you are the worlds tidiest human being, it's likely that things have become a little less organised. In the days leading up to your return to school, it's a good idea to get that room sorted out. The last thing you want to happen on your first day back is not being able to track down a hairbrush and having to dig through piles of washing to find some clean socks. Just tackle it one bit at a time. Spend one day working through your wardrobe, the next day re-arranging the drawers... you'll be surprised by how great it will feel once everything is sorted out and tidied up.

7) Set yourself some goals

This one will depend on what year you are in at school. For example, if you are doing your GCSEs, the goals you might want to set yourself are will be more focused on achieving good grades in your exams. If you're in the final year of school/sixth-form/college, one of your goals might be to get an apprenticeship or a job. Or it might be to get into university next year. Whatever your main goals are, now is the perfect time to have a think about how to get them. The best way to work this out is by breaking down your goal into a set of smaller goals. For example, in the UK, 2019 university open days will be starting shortly after the school holidays. As part of your goal to get into university, you could say you want to attend at least four open days before December. Likewise, say you want to do well in your exams, you might set the goal of completing one past paper every week. Setting goals for yourself helps to keep you focused, reminds you of why you're working so hard and, best of all, gives you a massive sense of satisfaction when you've achieved it! No goal is too small!

8) Kick back and relax!

With all this preparation going on, it can be easy to start feeling stressed or anxious about starting school again. Take it easy! These are your last few days before getting back to the grind so make the most of them. Finish off that book you were reading, spend some time with your family and chill out a little before the hard work really begins. The end of the summer holidays should not be filling you with dread. It is important to make sure that you feel rejuvenated after your summer holidays so that you can really make the most of your first term back.

9) And finally...

Download the Fledglink app! The end of the UK summer school holidays 2019 is the perfect opportunity to start thinking ahead to your future career. Working out what career you want to do and how to go about getting it is a daunting and overwhelming task. Many schools don't provide the right kind of advice and guidance you need for it either. The Fledglink app is specifically designed with your future in mind. It answers all those questions you might have around careers, helps you grow in confidence and has hundreds of exciting new opportunities to suit you. Download the app today, connect with your friends and start to build your professional online CV.  
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