Need some 1:1 career guidance?

Want more focus on your next steps, the right decisions to make or event just where to start when it comes to careers? Check out some of the points below, if they're relevant to you, we encourage you to take advantage by signing up to one of our career guidance sessions!

Unsure of what to do after finishing school, college or sixth-form?

Would you like to give yourself more of a focus for your next 5 years?

Do you know what all of the options are available to you?

Do you fully understand what your best strengths are and how you can apply these to finding your next steps?

Our expert career coaches Hannah and Pete will be leading each session and this is your opportunity to receive guidance on your next steps on a 1:1 basis to receive tailored answers to you! This session is perfect for years 9 - 13 as well as those who are looking for general career advice.

How it works...

  • Sign up using this link to book a slot
  • Your Career Coach will contact you to confirm your slot
  • Next steps: You and your career coach will agree on some next steps for you to take away to work on
  • Feedback: Let us know how we helped you!

No slots available right now? We will let you know first when we release new slots 🥇 Leave us your details here

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