Trying to create a CV that's guaranteed to stand out can lead to a whirlwind of questions...

'Do I make my CV colourful or professional?'

'Should I list my skills or my education first?'

'Shall I include a photo of myself?'

'Do I mention breaking the Guinness World Record for longest time keeping a balloon off the ground?'

Your CV is a representation of you, squeezed onto two A4 sides of paper, and with all the advice that's out there, knowing what to include on that paper can be difficult.

Wouldn't it be great if you could ask a REAL expert?

First impressions matter... so make sure yours counts with a super CV! Sign up to speak to a member of the Fledglink team for FREE and get all the expert advice and guidance you need to create a CV to help you stand out to employers and land that dream job.

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How it works ...

  • Sign up using this link to book a slot.
  • Your CV coach will contact you to confirm your slot.
  • If you have made a start on your CV, your coach will let you know how to get it to them so that they have a chance to have a look over it before the session.
  • Next steps: After your session, you and your coach will agree on some next steps for you to take away and work on.
  • Feedback - Let us know how we helped you!

Top Tip: Regularly updating your CV, even when you're not actively job-seeking, can help you track your progress and understand how you appear to employers. Not forgetting saving you tonnes of time when you do choose to find a job!

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