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Seize control of your future with these real skills for life

By Fraser Graham Apr 16, 2020

Personal development workshops to boost your skills for work

Looking for ways to make the most of your time this summer? Join our on-demand work-readiness workshops. You'll leave these feeling more productive, knowledgeable, and confident about yourself and your skillset!

Productivity and Organisation

Feeling scattered, foggy or directionless? Staying productive and organised can often feel like shoveling snow when it's still snowing. Not to worry! In this video, we look at practical ways you can keep your productivity levels high, stay organized, and help clear your mind so that you're ready for anything!

How to Boost your Confidence

During this workshop, you will discover what makes a confident person confident! We dig into understanding how we build personal confidence through repetition and resilience. We will share simple tools and tricks on growing confidence including how to catch negative self-talk and 'quick hacks' from some of the leading confidence coaches!

The Importance of Networking

Making good connections and networking can make a massive difference to your future career success. But we understand that networking can seem intimidating. In this workshop. we take you through exercises to grow in confidence and self-awareness and successfully build a professional network.

CV Master Class 

This practical workshop helps you to build your first online digital CV that you can be proud of to show future employers. We help you understand what employers will be looking for in a CV and the importance of continuing to document your experiences!

Motivation & How To Find Your Why

Staying motivated can be a challenge at the best of times. But when you're trying to get through a daunting task list from home, where there's probably a thousand distractions, it's even tougher. We talk you through our top tips to keep you motivated and help you to build a personalised set of motivation hacks to keep you going through this challenging time. The secret? Unlocking your greater purpose.

Finding your Voice - Communication Skills

Do you struggle to communicate confidently and clearly? Do you feel nervous or anxious when you have to present your point of view? Whether it is in interviews, in the workplace or in front of an audience, communication is one of the most important skills which employers look for. During this workshop, we give you insider tips and hacks to help you communicate in a way so that people really listen.

Knowing your self & Owning your story

In the first half of this workshop, we help you understand the importance of self-awareness. We explore how to identify your core strengths and drivers and how knowing these can help them make decisions about your career. In the second half, we explore how people tend to talk about themselves merely as a sum of their academic achievements. We help you explore their narratives so you can communicate your story in a way that empowers you.

Skills Builder - Goal setting

During this session, we provide you with a framework for efficient and effective life planning. This includes getting clearer on what you are looking to achieve and a method for goal setting that actually works.

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