It can often seem like a minefield when knowing how to sell yourself to an employer when starting to look for new opportunities. What are they looking for in you? How do you convince them that you are the best candidate for the role? When is the right or appropriate time to send them questions to find out more about who they are and what they do?
Dom asked award-winning careers advisor, Mark Woodward, for the answers. Here are his top tips and guidance in 18 steps - showing you how to be your best self and shout about your own personal brand! Check them out below:
    1. Find a mentor: Someone you trust with more knowledge or life experience of a certain employment area may open your network and new doors. 
    2. Inspiring alumni: Invest time in exploring your school’s amazing network of former pupils. Connect with your friends & the wider community too. 
    3. Have a go: Take measured risks - as you only live once! Don’t fear failure and learn from it as much as you can. 
    4. Adopt a growth mindset: Believe you can really take control of your future. Work hard and learn whilst also allowing constructive advice to develop you. 
    5. Be yourself: Recognise what excites you and ask your friends to describe your unique selling points. 
    6. You can do it, believe in yourself: Don’t let anyone reduce your confidence. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything! 
    7. Question, challenge and break the rules: Employers want to see spirit, innovation, curiosity and positive change. Don’t take the word NO as the final answer. 
    8. Be different: Stand out professionally from the crowd. Make sure you’ve fully updated your profile on the Fledglink app as part of this. 
    9. Go one step further: Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and always try to discover the next level available to you. 
    10. What value will you add: Reassure employers that you are the solution and ask the right questions during your interview. 
    11. Future-proof your skills: The jobs of the future don’t exist yet, so hone your skills. Be social, savvy and think ahead! 
    12.  Your digital network defines you: Your top 5 digital connections speak volumes, so make sure to power up your portfolio as much as possible. 
    13.  This is your time, show yourself: Your generation has key skills that employers really value. Don’t underestimate what Gen-Z can offer to them! 
    14.  Academic grades are not a guarantee: Grades open some doors, but a piece of paper alone will not secure a job role. Always look to increase and develop your strengths!
    15.  Talent is overrated: Don’t question your ability to do a job. Soft skills such as work ethic, reliability, trust and punctuality can be key drivers for employers. 
    16.  Find your tribe: Who shares your values? What environment really suits you? What gives you energy? 
    17.  You don’t need to find a job for life now: Does your job even exist yet? Learning is life-long and different opportunities will prevent themselves across your working life.
    18. Just do it: You could really be the person to change history for the better! Every year group contains someone who will DO. Why not YOU!?

If you fancy a free 1:1 session with the brains behind these top tips, you can sign up for a session with Mark, in the CV Clinic!

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