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Jobs and Opportunities

A digital CV that brings jobs and opportunities direct to you

Fledglink app lets you build up an impressive digital CV – even with little or no professional experience. It guides you on areas to focus on and then smart matches you with jobs, apprenticeships and other suitable opportunities. It’s never been easier!

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Tap into a giant network of motivated young people

The old saying ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know’ has never been more true. Fledglink members connect on app and in person. Now is the time to build connections so you can reap the rewards in future. Fledglink makes that fun and unintimidating.

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Questions & Answers

Get answers to all your questions about work life

Find answers to the challenging questions you have about entering work – what should I wear? Will I be accepted? Am I being paid enough? Should I go to Uni or get a job? Every burning question, however personal or left field. If it’s not there, ask.

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Fledglink Workshops

Free in-depth professional 
and life skills workshops

For our members, we hold regular deep dive events at which you can learn the ins and outs of specific industries, improve your financial skills, get first hand advice from industry professionals and more. Everything you don’t get taught at school.

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All this and more in the simple app that is transforming young people’s confidence and potential to succeed.

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Companies working with Fledglink

From large to small, the world's best businesses are using Fledglink to find motivated and talented young people. From apprenticeships, to work placements to full-time work. You’ll find it all in the app.

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Get access to amazing opportunities with all these businesses and more.

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